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Table of contents

Ascension's beginner tutorial

If this is your first time playing a block-stacking puzzle game, this tutorial is for you. After completing the challenges on this guide, you should become familiar with the fundamental aspects of Ascension. Let's begin!


1. Movement

Challenge: "Clear a line"

One of the most fundamental aspects of the game is movement. If you have not already configured your controls, make sure to check out the settings page. If you need help with that check out the "controls" section on the Wiki>Info page.

The purpose of this exercise is to become familiar with horizontal movement. Line up your placements using the "ghost" piece, (see "interface" on the info page) then press "hard drop".

Make sure to fill in all the gaps to make a complete row!

You should also get used to holding down left/right instead of tapping multiple times, when needed.

2. Rotation

Challenge: "Rotate!"

The next most important thing is rotation. Pieces might not always fit initially, so you must rotate them first.

There are 3 ways you can rotate: clockwise, counter clockwise, and 180°. Make good use of all 3 directions, to make the most out of each keypress!

3. Kicking

Challenge: "Introducing the kick"

This is where things get wild. When you rotate a piece, but it won't rotate without colliding with another block, it kicks.

To learn more about this, see the section on the info tab on the wiki page.

Just memorizing the formula won’t be too helpful though. The best way to practice this is to have an open mind and experiment. When you see a place where a piece might be able to fit, try it. Try clockwise and counter clockwise, experiment with different positions. Sometimes 180 rotate might work too!