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History of Ascension

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Last update: September 24th 2019

September 2019



- Records for Maps, Sprint, PC, Dig, Combo and Mutation

- Map listing

- Map submisson!

- Map replayer

- Config list

- Bug fixes

- More skins!

New Pages

- Map List

- Record list for modes

- Replayer

- Map records

New Modes

- Pack Mode: Squeeze as many pieces into one field as possible!

- Time Attack: Send as much attack within 2 minutes as possible!

August 2019


- Added the option to have bag randomizer for maps

- Added drop menu for single player modes

- Fixed some bugs

- Added descriptions to all the modes

- Added skins

New Modes

- Combo Attack Mode: send as much attack consecutively

- Mutation Mode: Survive as long as possible with constantly changing pieces


July 2019


- Several UI changes to game/multiplayer

- Allow configs to be used in multiplayer

- Multiplayer chat window is now a separate popup

- Added practice mode to multiplayer, so you have something to do while you wait

- Added sound effects

- Many Many bug fixes

New Modes

- Sprint Mode: Gotta go fast

- 1v1 Mode: Beat up your friends

New Pages

- Home Page: Now with lots of information!

- Beginner's Guide: Work in progress, go from noob to ascended!



June 2019


- Separated settings page from the game page

- Created game server for the game

- Multiplayer has chat now

- Added garbage to multiplayer


May 2019


- Added touch screen buttons

- Started work on multiplayer.

The old site does not support websockets, so we moved here.

You can view the old site here, although it might take a long time to load:

The old repository ends here. You can view it on github.

Late April 2019


- UI is less ugly

- The current kick table was added

New Mode

Dig Mode: Clear the lines before you top out


Early April 2019


- Game is now in color!

- Settings save when you leave the page now

New Mode

Map/Map Editor: Make obnoxiously hard puzzles!



March 2019


This is where it all started.

I wasn't happy with the direction other games were going, so I decided to take the elements from them that I liked and combined it to make something of my own.

Settings were added, so you could now customize your controls and make new pieces

The original version used an crazy kick table, that would basically let you rotate anything anywhere