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The rotation system here is messed up really badly, worse than SRS.

Creator: WeirdBoi12408

Queue Type: STATIC

#PlayerTime (Sec)PiecesPiece/SecDateReplay
1FrenzzyLeggs 5.357224.107about a year ago
2SmolBepis 7.953222.7662 years ago
3Potato2017 9.818222.241about a year ago
4SmallGoldMedal 9.824222.239about a year ago
5NOT_A_ROBOT 12.772221.7237 months ago
6MelloBoo44 12.896221.7069 months ago
7F1e308 15.28221.4402 years ago
8WitherWolf02 16.852221.3058 months ago
9WhyreDev 17.799221.236about a year ago
10boerd_ 18.414221.195about a year ago
11qidirj 22.89220.961about a year ago
12SlimToady 24.709220.8909 months ago
13WeirdBoi12408 27.098220.8122 years ago
14goldenyoshi22 30.437220.7232 years ago
15LukasDrakon 36.18220.6088 months ago
16LampyBoi 37.682220.584about a year ago
17kevadesu 39.209220.5618 months ago
18wyvr 39.412220.558about a year ago
19lifinale 40.566220.542about a year ago
20HarmonicBox 40.776220.5406 months ago
21SotpSign 44.03220.50012 months ago
22Cybergoinoff 59.937220.3672 years ago