normal tetrominos but with off center centers of rotation

Creator: SmolBepis

Queue Type: STATIC

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#PlayerTime (Sec)PiecesPiece/SecDateReplay
1Justyn 4.50971.552about a year ago
2Tetrian22 6.73171.0402 years ago
3SmolBepis 11.62370.6022 years ago
4FerSave 13.67670.5122 years ago
5Oshisaure 14.41370.486about a year ago
6Gardensail 17.09870.4092 years ago
7WeirdBoi12408 22.3770.3132 months ago
8yeet39439 22.86470.306about a year ago
9puyocarnival 23.57670.297about a year ago
10wyvr 23.9770.29210 months ago
11Champro 26.78870.2615 months ago
12Rhythm 28.23270.24811 months ago
13winterNebs 28.32870.2472 years ago
14MizuOfficial 28.47270.246about a year ago
15smolfeesh 29.02570.2412 years ago
16F1e308 29.73570.23542 minutes ago
17anamenot 32.36570.216about a year ago
18LampyBoi 33.17470.211about a year ago
19Dmillion 34.75870.201about a year ago
20ArisaIchigaya 34.84170.2012 years ago
21itzyoboypeter 54.60470.128about a year ago
22nakoni9 55.37270.12612 months ago
23Potato2017 59.75970.11710 months ago
24hyeon72 66.79870.105about a year ago
25dipski 67.14770.1045 months ago
26SotpSign 74.62670.09410 months ago
27RedStone576 85.85370.08211 months ago
28Lassie23 101.11470.0695 months ago
29redapplefour 116.56170.060about a year ago