normal tetrominos but with off center centers of rotation

Creator: SmolBepis

Queue Type: STATIC

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1Justyn 4.50971.5522 months ago
2Tetrian22 6.73171.04012 months ago
3SmolBepis 11.62370.60212 months ago
4FerSave 13.67670.5128 months ago
5Oshisaure 14.41370.4862 months ago
6Gardensail 17.09870.4096 months ago
7winterNebs 28.32870.24712 months ago
8MizuOfficial 28.47270.2462 months ago
9smolfeesh 29.02570.2416 months ago
10anamenot 32.36570.2164 months ago
11LampyBoi 33.17470.2113 months ago
12Dmillion 34.75870.2014 months ago
13ArisaIchigaya 34.84170.20110 months ago
14Rhythm 40.57570.1732 months ago
15itzyoboypeter 54.60470.12818 days ago
16hyeon72 66.79870.1052 months ago
17redapplefour 116.56170.060about a month ago