normal tetrominos but with off center centers of rotation

Creator: SmolBepis

Queue Type: STATIC

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1Justyn 4.50971.5522 years ago
2Tetrian22 6.73171.0403 years ago
3SmolBepis 11.62370.6023 years ago
4FerSave 13.67670.5123 years ago
5Oshisaure 14.41370.4862 years ago
6Gardensail 17.09870.4093 years ago
7WeirdBoi12408 22.3770.313about a year ago
8yeet39439 22.86470.3062 years ago
9puyocarnival 23.57670.2972 years ago
10wyvr 23.9770.2922 years ago
11Champro 26.78870.261about a year ago
12Rhythm 28.23270.2482 years ago
13winterNebs 28.32870.2473 years ago
14MizuOfficial 28.47270.2462 years ago
15smolfeesh 29.02570.2413 years ago
16F1e308 29.73570.235about a year ago
17anamenot 32.36570.2162 years ago
18LampyBoi 33.17470.2112 years ago
19Dmillion 34.75870.2012 years ago
20ArisaIchigaya 34.84170.2013 years ago
21itzyoboypeter 54.60470.1282 years ago
22nakoni9 55.37270.1262 years ago
23Potato2017 59.75970.1172 years ago
241YYL1 62.97470.1113 months ago
25hyeon72 66.79870.1052 years ago
26dipski 67.14770.104about a year ago
27SotpSign 74.62670.0942 years ago
28RedStone576 85.85370.0822 years ago
29Lassie23 101.11470.069about a year ago
30redapplefour 116.56170.0602 years ago